I spent a big part of my childhood and adolescence in an orphanage in Málaga.

When I was 7, I wet my bed in the middle of the night and one of the nuns ridiculed me in front of all the other children, making me wear the wet sheets on top of my head. I swore I would never wet my bed again. In order to do so, I would sit down on the toilet every night reading a book until I felt like I needed to go. I was caught doing it by the same nun and, as punishment, she sent me to tidy up the library which took me 4 years to accomplish.

In the meantime, I was still reading and every time I would finish a book, I would sign it (something I still do).

Time went on and, when I became 18, I left the orphanage. 50 years later, walking past El Rastro flea market, I saw the book “Paso a paso” by Alberto Risco. I could remember reading it during my childhood in Málaga.

I almost fell backwards when I found my signature on the last page, dated 1944. I tried to hold back my excitement; I paid the price of 100 pesetas and ran home to tell my family.