Boni - TShirt

There’s nothing special about this t-shirt. I bought it in Zara a few years ago, and added the flower pattern a bit later. The flower is a replica of the wallpaper that covers the staircase wall at my grandparents’ house. We spent our childhood summers and a few Easters there. Since my grandparents passed away, we started to go there more and more sporadically. My mum was fed up with cleaning it so, after five years, I went there on my own with a clear objective: to portray the house, photographically. I managed to digitally recreate the wallpaper’s motif with one of those pictures, incorporating to a t-shirt, a rubber stamp, etc. It’s a symbolic way of preserving a piece of that house and everything it represents, half way between trying to make a memory come alive – like a family photo album - and claiming a membership to the house, if such a thing is actually possible.