Eduardo - Ukelele

Music has always been my greatest passion. However, Mother Nature did not grant me with the talent and skills required to play an instrument without inspiring listeners with the urge to beat me up with it. Nevertheless, I decided to play the guitar for years, but six strings were far too many for my clumsy fingers, and nothing that could be called music was coming out of it. So I thought that maybe four strings would make things easier, settling for a little and handy ukulele. The main problem was that it was almost impossible to find them in Spain (still is nowadays) and I had to wait a few years, until a day when, walking through Lancaster, I saw one behind the window of a small music shop. I was suspicious of its toy-like appearance and low price (less than £20) so I went inside and asked the shop assistant whether it was "a children's Toy". The man remained silent, with a look in his eyes that seemed to say “Have you seen the sign outside? Does it say ‘Toy Shop’?” I decided to take it, as well as a small book about chords. When I got home and tried it I realised that my first impression was right: it sounded just as it looked. I don’t regret buying it though, I love it. It’s my first ukulele, the one I learnt to play with, and almost ten years and three ukuleles later, I still enjoy it. It occupies a privileged place in my room. The question is: has it helped me achieve my expectations as a musician? Well… it could be argued that it’s better to be beaten up with a ukulele than with a guitar.